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If you've got a network monitoring problem, DPS Telecom can help. We build customized network reliability solutions made to your specifications, backed by the best client support in the industry and a no-risk, money-back guarantee.

Network Reliability Solutions Custom Engineered to Your Specifications.

DPS Telecom was founded by engineers to meet the needs of engineers and technical managers who implement network alarm management systems in enterprise networks. Our company is built on an engineering philosophy of rapid, customized design of perfect fit solutions built to your exact specifications.

DPS Process
Our successful strategy of vertical integration allows us to be flexible to your needs. From start to finish we work with you to design and manufacture a perfect fit alarm monitoring solution.

Custom Design - Proven Tech.

DPS custom solutions are built on tech that has proved itself in thousands of successful implementations. We build custom products through modular hardware and software, structured development and systematic testing, including NEBS compliance testing in our own lab. When major long-distance carriers, RBOCs, ILECs/CLECs, utilities, transportation companies, and Fortune 500 companies need custom network reliability solutions, they turn to DPS Telecom.

DPS Telecom's willingness to self certify NEBS compliance comes at no additional cost to you. Our finished units undergo a variety of tests before we ship them to our clients. These tests include: using the anechoic chamber to test for EMI levels, torture and drop test to measure reliability and quaility, and vibration simulation test to measures long term stress.

Please know that DPS can send our units to officially be NEBS certified, but it has to be requested. A longer delivery time and an additional cost is also associated with this request.

Every Product is Built to Order Fast.

Every network monitoring product we sell is built to order, with the specs, alarm capacity, and features that best meet your needs. Our complete automated manufacturing facility ensures fast delivery for even the tightest deployment schedule. From design concept to final manufacture, we control every aspect of production in-house.

In-house production lets DPS control and manage every aspect of the production process. If your order requires a change, DPS can immediately inform our employees from the design to manufacturing phase. Our finished units are also tested by 2 different technicians to prevent any mistakes before shipping. This way, you'll receive the exact product(s) you want on time.

An outsourcing vendor will take weeks to confirm and notify their employees if a change occurs. As a result, you'll suffer by waiting longer to receive your product(s). New to DPS and monitoring technology? The 3 things you must know.

No NRE Fees - Innovation At No Extra Charge.

You don't have to pay extra to get a custom monitoring solution built to your specs. Not everyone has an "off-the-shelf" problem. 80% of most client's needs are covered with products that we've already deployed in networks around the world. We may already have what you've been looking for, but we specialize in developing that last 20% to make it a perfect fit. If you require custom engineering, as long as you order a minimum number of units, we don't charge NRE fees.

You Come First.

At DPS Telecom, we see ourselves as your partner in securing your network. We will never leave you with a monitoring problem unsolved. We will always put your needs first. We back that philosophy up with 24-hour tech support - which our clients rate the best in the industry - installation assistance, off-site databasing, Factory Training, and maintenance agreements.

DPS Factory Training

DPS wants our clients to attend our free, week-long Factory Training classes located in Fresno, California (Please refer to the Factory Training Schedule to sign up for the next available dates). Breakfast and lunch are also provided. The only expenses you'll have to incur is for travel and lodging. Take advantage of this opportunity to learn more about the units being deployed at your sites.

Discount Schedule: Unit Quantity Discount and Annual Dollar Volume Schedule.

DPS clients can take advantage of the 2 discounts offered by DPS. The Unit Quantity Discount Schedule applies on a per order basis and only to quantities of the products with the same part number. Please note that previous orders do not affect this schedule.

The Annual Dollar Volume Discount Schedule is given based on the dollar amount of your yearly purchases.

If you qualify for both discounts, the highest percentage will be taken except under special circumstances.

The Discount Schedule is included in all proposals sent from DPS.

Money-Back Guarantee on All DPS Telecom Products.

Every DPS Telecom product is backed by our 30-Day, No-Risk, Money-Back Guarantee: "If you buy our equipment and are not satisfied for any reason during the first 30 days, simply return it for a full refund."

Loaner Agreement So You Can See And Use The Actual Product Before Purchasing.

DPS's Loaner Agreement allows you to test the actual product for 30 days or the allotted time. All you have to do is pay for the shipping cost.

This way, you'll have a chance to actually use the product. You can explore its full features before making your purchasing decision.

If the 30 days or allotted time has expired and you have not sent in the loaned unit, DPS will bill you for the full cost of the loaned product.

Save Money with the RTU Upgrade Program.

With the RTU Upgrade Program, you will receive a 30% trade-in credit for previously purchased units from DPS. This is a great way to save money if you plan on expanding or upgrading your network.

Please note that the 30% trade-in credit supersedes every DPS Discount Schedule.

The DPS Team.

DPS Telecom's team consists of many employees who all play a part in providing you with the best products and experience available. DPS has the industry's best tech support team that works 7x24 to tend to your needs. The expert sales team will help you find your perfect fit solution with years of experience in the telecommunications field. The fast-paced production team, made up of engineers, works extremely hard to customize equipment to perfectly fit your needs. Finally, we have Mr. Bob Berry - DPS Telecom Founder & CEO who goes out of his way to make sure your needs are met. Additionally, DPS is partnered with some great companies to improve your user experience.

Want to meet the team? See them at the next trade show.