VoIP Solution

Identifying the right VoIP solution for your telecom network may seem like a daunting task. Especially if this is the first VoIP solution you've had to come up with, you may not know how to select VoIP equipment.

One useful technique is to look for VoIP gear that uses a common protocol and codec, like SIP 2.0 protocol and the G.711 codec. These may seem like buzzwords, but they're important to look for. They'll help you to avoid getting trapped by purchasing one vendor's non-standard protocol. When it comes time to expand your VoIP solution into other areas of your network, your same vendor will be your only purchase option.

Also, you should keep your eyes open for versatile VoIP solutions that include other functionality at a small incremental cost. Because most companies with a geodiverse network end up installing VoIP at unmanned remote sites, remote monitoring functionality is a very useful feature set to get bundled with your VoIP system. DPS Telecom produces one such RTU, which wraps remote monitoring and control with a VoIP handset in a 1 RU chassis. This saves rack space, purchasing and compatibility hassles, and unnecessary installation and maintenance expense.

When you're diligent about selecting a VoIP system, you may actually find that it's worthy of being called a "solution."

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